Developing platforms, integrating systems and devices with a unique mission: to create solutions for your business

Combining software and infrastructure to solve real-world problems.

Tailor made solutions for you

Lab 3 applies the latest Technologies to create automation and information systems platforms with customized software covering infrastructure, mobile and web.

Our solutions promote integration of people, devices and companies, increasing productivity in a transparent, efficient and secure environment.

We simplify the complexity

Unifying data from different sources should not be a challenge and Lab 3 has the knowledge to automate and integrate different systems, simplifying complex structures.

We promote the mobility strategy supporting the BYOD and Geolocation, combining the benefits of IoT and Big Data in creating a secure and productive environment, focusing on user experience.

We are ready to address your demands

We develop from mobile applications that promote a better communication between users and institutions to inetworks and datacenter automation platforms.

We help organizations and individuals benefit from integrated and mobile systems, understanding their needs and applying the technologies most appropriate to each case.


Integrating systems through APIs and libraries, we create an automation platform for networking and datacenters while applying Big Data solutions to analyze different data, we create a unified solution.


Focusing on user experience, we combine web, mobile (Android,m iOS) solutions and new interfaces such as Chatbots, selecting the most appropriate technologies for each need.


We connect different kind of devices for the IoT era: Beacons, senssors and actuators joining smartphones and tablets to create a whole new user experience level and data gathering.


Using different languages and plataforms like NodeJS, Ruby, PHP, SQL & NoSQL databases and container-based infrastructure, Lab 3 has the experience and flexibility to address our customer’s different challenges.

Agile Development

Lab 3 plays the agile development methodology providing greater control of the project with frequent deliveries to the client. Through continuous implementation and integration we ensure a great development experience for our customers.

"Lab3 is a strategic partner for the development of our solutions, with them we gain in quality and agility to deliver more complete projects."

Franklin Lino, Founder & CTO B2 mídia

"One Linea always seeks technological innovations to add intelligence solutions to products and Lab3 is our development arm. Their experience, competence and creativity allow us to create highly complex projects quickly."

Paulo Sérgio Lopes, Director One Linea Telecom

"By developing mobile communication and automation platforms that complement our offering, Lab3 helps us continue to focus on advanced solutions for our customers."

Mauro Dryzun, Sales Director SYMMETRY

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Workplace platform

CSI 158

Crime Scene Investigation Mobile Plataform

HalfDome App

Mobility platform for educational environment

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